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Join Us for a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Join Us for a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

November is a time for eating great food and gathering with friends and loved ones. We agree: there’s a lot to be thankful for, this time of year and always. As Thanksgiving approaches, we thought it would be a fun idea to invite residents of our Summit Square apartment community in Lee’s Summit, MO to put on an activity of gratitude. The activity: A Gratitude Scavenger Hunt!


The rules are simple:


— You must find each item on the list. If you’d like to add or remove items, that works, too.


— Use a camera to “capture” the items that you find. This can be accomplished with the camera on your smartphone or another camera.


— Each item in the list must be represented by one photo each. And each photo must have a different object as the main focus.


Find objects that represent the following:


— Something that brings laughter


— You can’t live without this


— This has changed the world for the better


— This represents our city


— Something that helps a lot of people


— This makes life easier


— This complicates life


— A memory from your past


— Something that you love


— You can relate this object to a happy or funny memory


That’s basically the game. For even more fun, invite a few friends or loved ones over to participate. You can even create your own lists and then compare pictures at the end. Also, if you have friends out of state, email or message them the list and instructions so that they can play with you from their homes. Then share your results online.


Take a moment to leave a comment about your experience with this gratitude scavenger hunt. You can also share a few things that you’re thankful for. Thanks for reading. Happy Thanksgiving!