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Easy Breakfast Ideas to Get You Through the Morning

Easy Breakfast Ideas to Get You Through the Morning

Welcome back to the Summit Square Blog! We hope you enjoyed learning about the apartment community here in Lee’s Summit, MO last month. Today we want to help you start every day on the right foot, so we’re suggesting a few easy breakfast ideas for you to make in your apartment this month.


Chocolate peanut butter banana breakfast shake

Shakes are one of our favorite ways to pack in the nutrients and make a quick, easy meal you can take out the door. This recipe pairs the classically delicious combination of chocolate, peanut butter, and banana to make a sweet but healthy shake. If you have a few overripe bananas you’re hesitant to throw away, this is a great way to make use of them and naturally sweeten your shake.


Biscuits and gravy with sausage and egg breakfast casserole

You may need to set aside a little extra time to make this recipe, especially compared to the fast blend-and-go nature of a shake. But if you prepare this the night before you want to eat it, you can just heat it up and serve yourself a bit of this delicious breakfast casserole in no time. It’s sure to spice up your morning and get you excited for the day.


Sweet potato toast

This may seem a bit unconventional, but it’s a creative way to eat healthier and make a pretty, portable morning snack. Dress it up with some fruit or peanut butter and your other favorite toppings and it makes for a perfect foodie Instagram post, too!


Gameday breakfast sliders

You definitely don’t have to wait for a sports celebration to make these sliders. Buy your favorite kind of rolls, eggs, provolone cheese, and sliced ham to put together these cheesy and delicious breakfast sandwiches. Besides these sliders just being tasty, another plus is if you follow this recipe, you can have a great breakfast for a few days, or even a nice mid-afternoon snack!


As Halloween approaches, enjoy a break from all the sweets with these great breakfast dishes. What are your favorite easy breakfast ideas? Share your suggestions with us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading!